Southeast Asia

GreenCamp | Bali
“GreenCamp shares authentic eco-camp family experiences far off the beaten track in Bali. We offer year-round, fantastic, & fun nature-inspired adventures for your family or group holiday/vacation that you won’t find anywhere else on Bali.” –


Camp With Wings | Queensland
“Camp with Wings aims to give home-educated, unschooled teens the opportunity to connect and grow in a safe, like-minded community, to make new friends and develop independence. Camp also aims to support teenagers in their choice of education without having to choose school to meet their needs for companionship and the growing teen challenges.”

Western Europe

Hesfes | Wales, U.K.
Home Educators’ Seaside Festival is a week long family summer camping event with workshops, activities and entertainment including a disco, toddler tent, guest speakers, sports day, cabaret, open mic and more.

Hopeland | Greece
Worldschooling eco-camp taking place in June in the Peloponnese region of Greece. Tent camp or sleep in dormitory-style accommodations. Activities include games, theatre play, music, hiking, and swimming, as well as free play. Guests discuss homeschooling strategies and ways to promote homeschooling globally.

S-Cool | MiramareItaly
Weekend homeschooling and unschooling family camping event located near the ocean in Miramare, Italy. Guests speakers share their expertise on various homeschooling topics while the children learn and play during planned activities, including musical and theater productions.

International Summer Camp Montana | Montana, Switzerland
“International Summer Camp Montana is a private camp in the Swiss Alps for boys and girls from 8 to 17 years of age of all nationalities. Activities include riding, water sports, biking, hiking, tennis, arts & crafts and fencing are among the activities campers enjoy.” –

South America

Project Worldschool | Cusco, Peru
“Immersive world learning experiences designed for homeschoolers, unschoolers and life-long learners across the globe.” –

Please add additional worldwide family-friendly camps in the comments section so we can add them to this list. Thank you.



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